Dr. Sekol's adjustments have improved my life immensely.
After 2 weeks I could stand up straight with zero pain and my balance is much improved! .....Greg Flees
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Safe Gonstead Technique to Treat Spinal Misalignments

Get Rid of Spinal Pain With Gonstead Technique

Are you suffering from severe back pain due to spinal misalignment? Visit Cherryland Chiropractic Centre PC immediately. Let our experienced chiropractors use the Gonstead technique to effectively cure your back pain. We'll correct your spinal misalignment using only our hands.

About the Gonstead Technique

The Gonstead technique is a specific chiropractic technique named after its founder, Dr. Clarence Gonstead. This technique utilizes adjustments by hand that usually results in joint cavitation. If you're suffering from spinal damage, Gonstead is the best chiropractic technique to regain a strong, healthy, and properly aligned spine.

We use tests like X-ray analysis, palpation, and temperature gradient studies to make clinical decisions regarding which segments to adjust.
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Restore the motion of your spine by utilizing the Gonstead technique.
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